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About Liftslap Company

Established in March 1978 as a joint stock company with foreign capital, 45% of the British partner of the Egyptian company for the development of the construction industry in Egypt and the Middle East through the creation of modern building systems not previously used in the region. In 1991 the Egyptian company for the development of the construction industry became an Egyptian company 100 per cent as the share of the British Levit Slab completely transferred to the Egyptian partner and then limited the role of the foreign side on technical support only. The company was incorporated into the Egyptian Stock Exchange in 1999. The purpose of the company is to develop the construction industry using modern methods for the implementation of the facilities by adapting the strong hydraulic propulsion in lifting the ceilings and sliding bolts, lifting and heavy loading, as well as in the execution of tunnels and antagonisms for pipes and all engineering solutions used for hydraulic payment method This activity relates to the infrastructure of drinking water, drainage and electricity, namely:
1. Establishment, operation and management of desalination and refining plants for drinking water, distribution networks and transmission lines.
2 - The establishment or operation and management of sewage or industrial drainage and purification and connections.
In 2007, the efficiency of the heavy lift was raised from the second category to the first category. In 2015, the shareholders of the company, in addition to the activities of real estate investment and general contracting to strengthen the company's presence in the Egyptian market are:
Constructing and building real estate of all levels and types, selling or renting them. Constructing and building villages and tourist establishments and shops or exploiting them and establishing residential cities and administrative camps to carry out all kinds of contracting work, buying land, dividing it, supplying it with facilities, selling it or building it, buying agricultural land and desert, reclaiming, dividing, managing or selling it either before or after farming.